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FE3503 | 5038120350311
  • LED Bar Graphic Display
  • Pin Pointer Control
  • 'Search' range up to 16ft (5m)
  • 'Locate' range up to 8ft (2.5m)
  • Magnetic Switch
  In stock, immediate despatch
FE3505 | 5038120350526
  • Additional Ferret Collar
  • Magnetic On/Off Switch
  • 300+hrs Battery Life
  • Traditional Leather Collar

Quickly and Easily locate your ferrets

The Ferret Finder kit features a transmitting collar with a magnetic switch and a receiver with a PinPointer control,
'Search' and 'Locate' LED display and varying pitch sounder which indicates the distance from the collar.

The 10 LED display indicates distance from the ferret and a varying pitch sounder increases in pitch, as the receiver approaches the collar. In search mode the working range is up to 16ft (5m) and in the locate mode the working range is reduced to 8ft (2.5m) for ultra-accurate, 'close-in' location.